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‘Intercepted Zodiac Signs and Planets – Subtle Truths In Astrology

Interceptions In Astrology

Cosmic Insights Hidden Within Horoscopes

By Dikki-Jo Mullen

Interceptions are an elusive but very important fine point in astrology. Many otherwise skilled and accomplished astrologers gloss over them. Think of being a visitor in someone else’s house. Even if the host and hostess are kind, it is hard to be completely at ease. There’s always something to remind you that you’re really not at home. Maybe it’s awakening early in the morning and wanting coffee an hour before everyone else is up. Maybe it’s wondering whether it is really O.K. to use those pretty guest towels in the bathroom. If you can capture those feelings then it’s easy to get a grasp of what it means to have intercepted planets and Zodiac Signs in your birth chart.

Unless every birth chart you calculated is exactly at 0 degrees of latitude, which is right on the equator, or unless you use only the equal house system of house division, you will occasionally encounter interceptions. Interceptions are a factor of geography. Because of the Earth’s irregular shape, as births occur further and further North or South of the equator the division of houses becomes more irregular, For births near the polar latitudes its possible to have not only two, but four to six Zodiac Signs intercepted. This reveals a tremendous focus on just one or two of the twelve houses of the Zodiac. Perhaps we might speculate about how living near the North or South pole would make ones life very focused, or narrow. This helps in understanding how interceptions are applied. When I have a client who was born, for example, at Point Barrow, Alaska or in Iceland, I will prepare a relocation chart for the current residence, then read both charts.  This will offer guidance concerning how the focus in the client’s life changes at different locations.

Whether the ascendant sign is at long or short ascension at birth is a factor in determining the frequency of interceptions. Often interceptions will occur at around 40 degrees latitude, a part of the globe where so many of us are born.

Since the dawn of astrology’s extensive history, when astrologers were first able to accurately calculate a chart using the latitude and longitude for a birth or other event, interceptions have been a grey area. Interceptions of both planets and luminaries reveal anomalies and a dash of nonconformity. There is a detachment, a wild card to be played, in understanding the truths illustrated in the horoscope. A special effort might have to be made to fulfill the potential of the planet. There is a vague quality, a promise that might only be partially kept, suggested by interceptions.

Signs and Houses In Interception

Aries- Libra

(First and Seventh Houses)

Personality and personal freedoms polarize with the letter of the law and social obligations. The interplay here describes how we are our own lawgivers. Relationships provide an opportunity to reconcile. New states of consciousness in the ways we relate to others helps in the development of personal identity.


(Second and Eight Houses)

Productivity intertwine with birth and death metaphors here. There is a contrast between substance and the promise of future security. The tangible and obvious versus the hidden and obscure. True values and lasting security opposing the chimera of illusions about how wealth and values are accented.


(Third and Ninth Houses)

The study of facts and reason polarized with philosophical concepts and the higher mind are accented here. Using knowledge, communicating and then applying it is the challenge. Bringing together the eternal student with the light of knowledge shining from the universal teacher comes into play. Resolving the roles of siblings, in-laws and grandchildren can be difficult. There can be an inability to really use formal job training and courses of education in any but the most abstract way.


(Fourth and Tenth Houses)

Creating a peaceful and nurturing home environment while balancing career ambitions and responsibilities is the challenge here. Father and mother archetypes can pose blockages that are hard to understand or explain. A certain restlessness is present, surrounding either the home life or career. Its hard to say where ones roots really are. The typical dilemma of the overwhelmed working mom who wants it all is illustrated here.


(Fifth and Eleventh Houses)

Moving toward future goals while savoring the joys and pleasures of the present requires effort. Far off visions of the future can take away much from the present. Discovering true fulfillment, channeling creative urges productively, and yet contributing to society as a whole is the challenge. Associations which satisfy romantic longings while establishing fraternity and maintaining constructive contacts through the right networking presents a sensitive balance.


(The Sixth and Twelfth Houses)

Doing justice to employment, coping with concrete daily reality and important chores while honoring idealism and visionary inspiration is the challenge here. Mental and physical health, enhancing overall well being and wholesomeness is of significance. Compassion and charity have to be combined with down to earth pragmatism. Analyze details for correctness, then step back to consider the message of the broader picture. Caring for pet animals, being in the wilderness and coexisting with wildlife can be a part of the message as well.

The Luminaries and Planets In Interception

An intercepted Sun, Moon or planet is at a pause. Unsettled, its highest expression doesnt come easily; remember, it acts like a visitor trying to get comfortable in a strange house.

The Sun

Full recognition for efforts come later in life than expected (check the year of life that progressions in the natal chart show the interception moving out to time this). The personality tends to be quiet and introspective. A great reservoir of unexpressed talent and energy dwells beneath the surface.

The Moon

Karmic home and family conditions generate a fated quality. Making the most of heritage and formative years is a challenge. Emotional freedom of expression can be blocked. It’s important to release troubling memories and focus on the present.


Expressing all that is understood eloquently while using intellectual capabilities to the fullest extent is the challenge here. There can be a situation with a language barrier, verbal skills, a speech impediment or maybe just a different mindset.


Repressions or blockages regarding love, different tastes in art or entertainment affecting leisure time activities with loved one can create a sense of distance form others. Finding pleasure in ones own company, friendships with those of other age or ethnic groups, and finding a creative outlet to express love can help in resolving this interception.


Learn to direct anger and effort at the appropriate target or goal. Energy tends to be internalized. There can be unusual tactics selected for self defense or revenge. Unexpected spikes of enthusiasm and adrenalin rushes can occur.


Rewards come from unexpected sources. Expansion, growing, expressing and living with spiritual and religious teachings all require more time and patience than expected. It’s very important for those with this interception not to give up. Luck and opportunities come from unexpected directions, efforts must be made to glean optimum benefits.


Self love and self acceptance, rising above personal limitations or restrictive authority figures is the challenge. The health of the mind or body, perhaps living with a physical or mental handicap can be a focus. Restrictions and obligations turned into constructive tools for accomplishment, making the best use of both time and what resources are available is the message. Bloom where you are planted would be the perfect mantra for those born with this interception.


Not being limited by eccentricities, retaining uniqueness while yet accepting social graces and parameters is important. Those born with Uranus intercepted must always keep good company and remain aware of how associates are impacting the life. Birds of a feather flock together and so do pigs and swine. Rats and mice will take their choice and so will I have mine  is a traditional rhyme which describes the challenge here.


Honesty versus illusion and confusion is the issue with Neptune intercepted. Don’t be in denial. Examining painful, sensitive issues, then finding a way to serve and help others in spite of them will bring out the best potential here. Messages received through dreams and nuances can be important in resolving this interception. 


The individual’s quality of life is profoundly linked to the world at large. Mass karma is a focus. The crime rate, the ecological health of the environment, the economy and large corporations or power structures are factors which impact personal destiny when Pluto is intercepted.

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